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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Text speak can bite my fat ass

Text speak.

This is the scourge of the Earth, in my (profane) opinion.

People who text-speak make me want to sharpen up a dull spoon in anticipation of some eye carving shenanigans.

"OMG like WTF r u guyz doing? Imma b thur!"

FUCK. That.

All you idiot "adults" who think that writing little messages like a retarded teenager need to be stabbed in the face.

I mean really, is it that hard to fucking type "y.o.u." instead of "u". REALLY?! Two more fucking letters and you sound like a real, educated human being, rather than a moron that was raised in the backwoods under a trailer in a laundry basket.

Come on, folks. Let's all show off our basic elementary edjumicashun and use real big three letter words, for once.


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